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DIY Tutorials to pretty up your garden

Climate change has every gardener on edge.

Long term drought can wreak havoc on your urge to beautify your surroundings, leaving you feeling like your garden is a lost cause.

How do you pronounce Xeria?

Xeria is a made up name, using the words 'Xeriscape' and 'Utopia' - you pronounce it 'Zeer-ree-ah'.

Water restrictions by your municipality are bad enough, but guilt and public shaming are enough to break your heart.  It makes you want to give up and put in Astroturf. 

But wait! There are other options than giving up gardening entirely.

Succulents planted in carefully planned and planted xeriscapes or really fun and interesting planters, containers and garden art will thrive in even the worst of conditions.

Xeriscaping, or the art of gardening with less water, makes the difference between having a lush garden that is thirsty all the time, or having a lush garden that loves the drought - it's all in the plant choices. 

Don't try and grow plants that are demanding and fussy (sorry rose lovers, and cottage gardeners!). 

Garden Art, Succulents, Plant Pots and Whimsies

You too can plant a xeriscape garden that will knock your socks off, and you won't have to sacrifice a thing, except the garden hose.

In fact, you can use those hoses to make really fun containers.  I'll help you create some of my signature crafts to display these fascinating plants. From camouflage painted pots, to mosaics and globes, this is the place to finally get your gardens game on.

Learn all about how to make really unique planters and also which plants are the best options for these dramatic centerpieces and displays. 

There are many succulents for crafts that are easy to grow, and beautiful as well.

It's time to take on the challenge of climate change, transform your microclimate to arid and celebrate the drought.